Kormak the Wolf

Former Red Marine and clan warlord, now exiled and seeking great deeds to perform.


Kormak is remarkable for being as much something else as he is hobgoblin. His parents, both outcasts, were a worghest and a half-troll; he therefore bears the imprint of all three bloodlines. From birth, he was exceptional among his kind. Strong, tough, smart and resilient, he was selected almost immediately for the Red Marines upon beginning his mandatory naval service at the age of 16.

Kormak’s training was unremarkable, insofar as the Red Marines’ training can be said to be unremarkable. His natural ability to absorb punishment allowed him to shine over and above his peers, which led to a certain amount of resentment in his squad beneath the camaraderie. His time with the Red Marines was punctuated by the practical jokes of his regiment, as well as no few incidents of slower-than-strictly-necessary backup. Nonetheless, Kormak maintained as good a sense of humor as he could, and at the conclusion of his ten years, retired from the Red Marines with honors.

Kormak shared his borghest relative’s ambitious streak, and upon retiring from the Red Marines, promptly petitioned to challenge the Stormbringer warchief. His challenge was accepted, and the two squared off. In the end, Kormak was the victor, and he took his place as warchief.

Unfortunately, his tenure was short. One of his former regiment mates, Belgur of Stormbringer, took to challenge the new warchief only three moons after his ascension. Belgur knew Kormak very well, and was possessed of cunning and duplicity uncommon even in hobgoblins. Belgur used his knowledge of Kormak’s abilities and weaknesses to defeat him, effectively sending him into exile.

Kormak now wanders the world, using his skills to survive amongst the hostility of the outsiders that surround him. He maintains his good nature, for despite all that life has done to him, he has remained strong and resilient. He dreams of one day again taking his place as warchief, when he has grown strong and performed great deeds. Until such opportunity arrives, he abides.

Kormak the Wolf

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